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Buying silk fabric online for the first time - a step by step guide

So you are finally ready to make your first online purchase of silk fabric. Trust me, you really are making the right choice here. The fabric and clothing market on the internet is immensely advanced, offering you some amazing opportunities to take advantage of in terms of variety of products and price deals. You will definitely find what you are looking for here. But seeing as this is your first time buying these materials online, you must be feeling a bit apprehensive. What if you end up with the wrong online fabric store? What if they sent you the wrong material? What if the quality they are claiming is not present in the product that got delivered to your place? What if you struck a deal that was too heavy on your pocket? The reasons to feel nervous can be many. So here is a step by step guide on how you should be buying silk fabric online. It will help solve most of the queries plaguing your mind as of now and you will be able to make a safe purchase, guaranteed!#step 1: Begin the searchJust open your ...


Understanding Your Rotary Cutter

A revolution has taken in place in the cutting of fabric for sewers across the world. The rotary cutter is the basis of this exciting trend. This sewing tool makes cutting fabric more precise, less wear and tear on the users hand and wrist, faster, easier, and safer.This tool is made of a circular blade and protective cover fasten to a plastic handle. While it is simple, it is amazingly accurate, fast, and easy to use.Always honor the razor sharp blade and avoid cutting fingers. Think safety first. Take special precautions whenever using or storing the rotary cutter around children. Just as with scissors, do not run with a rotary cutter in your hand. Safety first.Replace bad blades. While you can get sharpeners, it is best to exchange blades that are dull or nicked. Avoid pins, staples, paperclips, pieces of plastic, cardboard, and other obstructions. Keep the shield over the blade at all times when the tool is not in use.Keep the rotary cutter clean, free of oils, free of lint, free of anything t...


Learn How to Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Many brides today want to look unique, different from any other bride out there. It's hard to do that when most brides typically shop at the same stores you are looking at for your wedding dress. There are only so many dresses, and in my opinion, I've seen enough brides in strapless dresses to last me a lifetime. Trust me, not every body type out there looks good in a strapless wedding dress. Many brides now are looking for ways to design their own wedding dresses, and its a good thing. Your wedding dress should reflect you and your personality, which is different and unique from everyone else out there. If you are wondering how you can design your won wedding dress, then here some great pointers to get you started.Find out what you likeA wedding dress is different from any other dress that you will ever wear. They're bigger, heavier and fancier than any dress I own, and I own a lot of dresses. So if you don't already know what kind of wedding dresses you like, then go into a bridal shop and try on as many dr...


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