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Choosing And Preparing Fabric For Quilting

A substantial part of the enjoyment of quilting is gathering the materials that you will use. There are two methods: you can either select the pattern first or the fabric first or if you are an experienced quilter, you can ignore the recommendations on the pattern and use whatever fabric you please. However, this is a big step that the novice must not take lightlyMost quilters will opt for cotton, 100% cotton, because it is the easiest cloth to use, is pleasant to deal with, is washable and is readily available in different patterns and weights.In fact, you cannot go wrong with cotton, whereas most people do not really want anything to do with man-made fabrics and silk and satin are both a problem to use and expensive.When you go into a quilting or craft shop, you will see bolts and bolts (rolls and rolls) of 100% cotton fabric, so choice will hardly ever be a problem. In the beginning, a suggestion is to use tightly woven fabric, because loosely-woven cloth can 'pull' and distort leaving unsightly 'holes', w...


How To Choose The Correct Fabric For Your Sewing Project

Up until fifty years ago, the vast majority of women could sew. All the women that I knew as a child sewed and knitted and made some of the clothes for me and my four brothers. When I was eight or nine, I and each other child in my class was taught the fundamentals of knitting and before I went off to college, my mother taught me how to take up my jeans, sew on patches and repair my clothes.Sadly, sewing, knitting and repairing clothes has largely died out in the United Kingdom. I now live in Thailand and I do not see much evidence of sewing or knitting here, so I imagine that these arts are dying out all over the world among the masses, although I am sure that there are individuals everywhere who still knit and sew.It is a real shame. If you are going to make your own clothes or furnishings like cushions, pillows or soft toys, it is quite essential that you choose the right fabric for the job. Using the wrong fabric will make your task harder and may even render your work worthless. So here are a few tips on...


Eco Friendly Fabrics

As you begin to look at Eco friendly fabrics, you are going to find that they styles of clothing have changed over the years. While you can certainly find Eco friendly choices like organic cotton and hemp, bamboo clothing has also increased in popularity over the years. What you will find is that these articles of clothing are going to be better for you to use when you consider that they don't contain the harmful chemicals that are common in most articles of clothing.What you are going to find is that as one of the benefits of using Eco friendly fabrics, you will end up with softer clothes as well. What many people are finding is that these greener fabrics can be turned into clothes that are soft and comfortable in both summer and winter.Take bamboo for example, in the summer months it will provide you with a cooler article of clothing that will keep you comfortable. In turn, the material can be similar to cashmere and give you warmth at the same time. The nice thing about these Eco-friendly fabrics is the fa...


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